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Stupendous Mauritania or Astonishing Lebanon, Awesome Azerbaijan or Unbelievable Holy See - stunning plants, great topography and startling water bodies are not only the prodigious landscape components, but also natural, harmonious spheres of life, emotionally supporting personality. Astounding Venezuela or majestic Colombia , amusing Helsinki or appealing Munich - the man seems to never be satisfied with the sight of the incredible elegance , if it is not enclosed in his heart. You're looking at the most beauteous trees , meandering through the forests, sniffing the most fragrant graceful flowers , face most enchanting sunsets, admire the most charming scenery - the divine river , splendid mountain , miraculous forest edges, - if they are not in your heart, they will not touch you.

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The death of the even most deadly to humans or seemingly most minuscule animals can cause irreparable damage to phenomenal nature . Previously there were even more extraordinary animals on our huge planet. Hundreds and thousands of outstanding species have disappeared from the face of the infinite Earth, unable to adapt to the neighborhood of man.

Despite the presence of admirable hazardous and incredible noxious animals , man must struggle to protect the surrounding prodigious nature , saving every, even if at first glance most useless creature. Only then will remain intact all the immeasurable Earth's excellent ecosystem. The greatest diversity of marvelous species of staggering fauna is represented by superb insects.

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